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Rental Conditions


The company AMV DISTRIBUTION and shop SUPERWHITE BILLABONG does on behalf of its clients, operator of sports shops, registration of client reservations for materi el rentals and ski equipment. Reservations must be made:
- Up to the day before the start of the rental for credit card payments.
The equipment offered for rent is described in strict codes on this site, provided that the customer reserves a range of equipment and not a specific model. So the client reserves a range of equipment suitable for the practice that it intends to make and pourradonc be offered as a priority the products advertised on the site or technically equivalent product offered by the store. Certain shops, in addition to the classic line rental packages and optional services that may only be reserved online and remain the only direct providers of guests booked on site.

Article 1 - Effective - provision and receipt

1) The lease takes effect when the customer takes possession of the equipment in the SUPERWHITE mountain shop, for the period specified in the lease. It ends on the date and time indicated in the lease. Rental periods available for booking are available via a calendrierdont unavailable days for reservation are 'barred' and not active. Risks will be transferred during the client hardware delivery which assume responsibility under his own responsibility, it is committed to use in all circumstances ''good father''. The rental agreement is in effect for the term of the lease. If the client retains the equipment longer without having regularized the situation, he loses the benefit of all the guarantees provided for in the lease.
2) Removal of rented is the responsibility of the person making the rental shop at the place of signing the lease. In case of delay for the removal of rented, the client must inform the local shop as soon as possible. Products will be kept for the client for 24 hours. After this period, they shall be rented, without any compensation being due to the client. The product must be returned to the place of removal.

Article 2 - Rental price and payment

1. Rental price
The rental price is determined by the range of equipment chosen by the client, for the period and the date of booking the customer also selected.
Special conditions: Specific advantages may apply to advance reservations, local promotions during certain periods or last minute offers. The offer SUPERWHITE BILLABONG internet can not be combined with any other promotional offer (coupon works councils, coupons ... etc ....). Every order validated by a settlement can not be any changes.

2. Payment Secure Site
The client may pay for the reservation directly online, choosing from using VISA, EC (Eurocard) or MC (Mastercard) and entering the 16 numbers and expiry date of the card and the ciphertext consists of 3 digits the back of the card. Only bank cards with CB, Visa, Eurocard or MasterCard issued in France or within the framework of international networks approved by the GIE Credit Cards are accepted. The order confirmed by the client on the website will only be effective when the central network of bank cards has given its approval. In case of refusal of it, SUPERWHITE BILLABONG reserves the right to cancel the reservation. If necessary, the customer will be contacted by email or phone as soon as possible. The data for the bank card are only retained during the booking process time.

Article 3 - Using

1) The client certifies able to be able to use the rented equipment he undertakes to use himself. By express agreement between the parties, the loan or sub-letting of the rented equipment is strictly prohibited.
2) The customer agrees to use the rented with prudence, without risk to third parties in accordance with regulations. It undertakes to keep constantly in good condition and in the use and care of with proper prescriptions. No warranty is any failure of adaptation of equipment leased to customers' specific needs or adjustments other than those carried by the store SUPERWHITE BILLABONG.

Article 4 - Availability of products offered for rental

The store SUPERWHITE BILLABONG not responsible independent delays in availability due to reasons beyond its control, particularly in the event of accidents, delays in the return of equipment from previous rentals of regulatory changes of force majeure, strikes ... However, in such case of unavailability, the store SUPERWHITE BILLABONG offer, according to availability, equipment of equal or better quality for the same price.

Article 5 - Deposit

The customer agrees to return the equipment clean and in the condition it was in when he took possession. Any reservations about the state of equipment must be indicated on the contract upon signature. May be required from the customer a deposit of an amount equal to the price of the product including tax. The deposit will be in the form of a credit card imprint or a pre levy. The deposit will be restituéelors him the return of the equipment, except in the case of repairs as indicated below. The SUPERWHITE BILLABONG store reserves the right to require the customer presenting two pieces of ID before accepting the deposit.
Article 6 - Repairs

1) The customer agrees to pay the cost of repair or replacement of the rented equipment regardless of the cause of the repairs, except those due to normal wear. Repairs will be made only by the renter, the customer.
2) All materials, equipment and accessories whose repair is technically or economically feasible must be paid to the store SUPERWHITE BILLABONG by the client at replacement cost equivalent to the sale price including VAT minus 15% reduction per year from the date of acquisition of the equipment by the store SUPERWHITE BILLABONG.

Article 7 - Liability - warranty

Subject to the obligations arising under the contract, the client receives the following provisions, except in case of fraud:
1) The customer receives no coverage for all damage to the rented item and personally liable for the aforementioned damages howsoever caused. However, the client can not be held responsible for the consequences of latent defects of the rented equipment or wear no apparent unfit for the use for which it is intended, therefore, that the evidence such defects can be provided by the customer .
2) In case of theft by the client, misappropriation or any damage to the equipment resulting from non-compliance with the rules of use or regulations, or terms and conditions of this contract, SUPERWHITE BILLABONG is entitled to exercise a resort for the entire loss.

Article 8 - Protection of personal data

Wishing to respect the privacy of its customers and the protection of information that they provide to him, the company AMV Distribution respects the legislation on the protection of privacy. Among the information SUPERWHITE BILLABONG is brought to charge its customers, some are required as necessary to process orders, others are optional and collected in order to better satisfy its customers by responding more customized to their needs. This data is collected when the customer places the order. They are likely to be passed on to providers BILLABONG SUPERWHITE the purpose of processing orders or its trading partners. According to Article 34 of Law 78.17 of 6 January 1978, called Freedom of Information Act, the customer has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal data.

Article 9 - Repayment - Eviction of the lessor

The equipment can be returned to the store SUPERWHITE BILLABONG during opening hours. For security reasons, the customer agrees to notify the renter any shock sustained by the helmets. Neither the ownership labels affixed to the rented equipment nor the inscriptions on it shall be removed or modified by the customer. The material may not be assigned or transferred as collateral. The customer agrees generally not grant towards the rented any right, real or otherwise, for the benefit of anyone, likely to affect enjoyment or limit the availability or full property of the lessor.

Article 10 - Cancellation

Legal provisions on remote sales foreseen in the Consumer Code provide that the right of withdrawal does not apply to tourist services (Article L of the Consumer Code 121-20-4). So for ordering services supplied on the site, the client enjoys no right of withdrawal. After receipt of equipment: In case of illness or accident during the rental period and formally preventing skiing, the rental conditions remain in effect. Only equipment rented by the person concerned must be returned and will be charged according to the number of rental days really carried out (on presentation of a medical certificate). Climatic hazards: In case of COMPLETE closing of the skiable area normally accessible from the place of equipment rental and only in this case the leased equipment may be returned and the days of rental concerned will be deducted. Reimbursement will be made within 30 days, by re account of the credit if the rules of the order was made by credit card.

Article 11 - Termination clause

At the expiration of the lease term of the contract, in case of non-return or in case of non payment of a partial invoice, the client remains responsible for the equipment he has in his possession. Its return is obligatory at the end of the rental period provided under the penalties provided by section 314-1 of the New Penal Code, without any need to send a registered letter of formal notice with acknowledgment of receipt and without the client can invoke any impediment.

Article 12 - Complaints

Claims which arise during the execution of the contract must be reported as soon as the store manager BILLABONG SUPERWHITE the place of stay so that a solution can be sought at the earliest. We draw your attention to the fact that the rapid notification of a claim will allow an effective treatment for it.

Article 13 - Governing law - Jurisdiction

This contract is subject to French law. In the event of any dispute regarding this contract, the competent Court will be the registered office of the company operating the store SUPERWHITE BILLABONG having made the delivery of the material which the parties attribute exclusive competence.

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